Sunday, November 2, 2014

Keep an eye on: Alex Len

The Suns are a funky team- very young with only 1 rostered player over 30 but with few players with enough up side left to transform them into a contender.  The one player that could do it for them though would be Alex Len.  Through 3 games he has played 17+ mins in each after breaking 17 mins 3 times in 41 games last year.  His foul rate so far has gone from atrocious last year (6.8 per 36) to workable so far this season (4.2 per 36).  Which should help him stay on the floor and perhaps turn into the type of C that pushes Plumlee into a 3rd big role where he can feast on lesser defenders and hide his own flaws. 


  1. Really liked his potential pre-draft. Will be watching him. Phoenix is one of my favorite non-CLE teams anyhow.

  2. I'm looking forward to some east coast games where I can watch more than 5 mins of them. I'm a big fan of Isaiah, and a bigger fan of that contract they gave him. Looking just at the box scores I would say it appears that they are trying to turn Len into a defensive stopper- solid Dreb rate, big block rate, tiny usage, but then again its only 4 games and I haven't actually seen him on the floor live.