Monday, November 17, 2014

What is going on in the East- notes 10 games in

Who is good?  We don't know.  Toronto has the best record and a good point differential but a decent chunk of that is a 32 pt win over Philly.  You don't want to discount every big win, but ones against potentially the worst team in NBA history?  Also 4th easiest schedule so far

The Bulls are 7-3 but there differential isn't amazing and they have had the easiest schedule in the league so far. 

Wizards are 7-2, mediocre PD and, yes, easy schedule (5th easiest).  Yes its a trend- teams in the East will have easy schedules this year, only 4 of 15 so far have faced even slightly above average schedules and one (Philly) is because they don't get to play themselves. 

The Cavs looked like crap at 4-3 and then like gods at 5-3.  Is one big game enough to forget that they were fighting in 1 pt games against Boston and Utah?  The offense will come together but will it come together as a very good, top 5 team, or an unbelievably good top 5 team of all time?  Without the latter they need some massive defensive improvement as well (which I think they get just with time and Lebron playing D).

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