Friday, December 11, 2015

Pelicans writers are as bad as Pelicans management

Funny stuff on a potential trade of Ryan Anderson

Well, the Pelicans are exploring their options and Ryan Anderson has plenty of trade value. If they move Anderson, they should look to improve the small forward spot and maybe add another scoring option who can come off the bench. They are not enough getting enough scoring between Alonzo Gee, Dante Cunningham and there remains no set date when Quincy Pondexter will return from his knee injury that required surgery in May.

The Pelicans need to trade their 2nd best offensive player for a SF and a guy to score off the bench?  The problem is Gee not scoring enough?  Perhaps you should rethink this approach sine the 'Cans are 18th in offense and #30 in D.  If they do anything trading it should be with an eye to figuring out how to turn a D that has a stud anchor into a passable unit. 

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