Thursday, December 10, 2015

Short thoughts on San Antonio

Something that I hadn't realized until I compared them directly the other day-  Paul George has played more mins over the past three seasons than Kawhi Leonard.  Give that PG missed 76 games last year that is incredible!  Since joining the Spurs Kawhi has been #3, #5, #5 and #3 in terms of mins played. As of now he leads the team in mins and is on pace for 2500+ mins (500 more than his highest to date) despite missing 2 games already.   In the last 4 years the Spurs have had no one log over 2312 mins (Danny Green last year).

This second part isn't that surprising since the "big three" have been on mins and game restrictions recently, but what is surprising is that Kawhi hasn't put in a healthy season over the past 3 years while playing less than 30 mpg.  It is something to watch. 

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